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The Nutrition Behind Your Favorite Sushi Rolls

Sushi has just so many different flavors!

When it comes to nutrition and sushi there are many things that you might not know. For one sushi is actually very good for you and has ton of great items in it that are a lot more beneficial for you than you might think.

Sushi is something that has been around for awhile and this is really something that I think you're going to want to read because there are a ton of great things about sushi that I think you're really going to enjoy and find a ton of value and health out of eating.

The great thing about sushi is that all the ingredients are completely natural and you could pretty much get by on just this and water and you'd probably be good. Just watch out for the parasites though! Sushi has been known to cause this in the body so tempering your sushi extravaganza with a little wasabi will go a long way for you and is something that I recommend for everyone.

In today's article I'm going to be going through some different reasons this is probably one of the most important things you could be paying attention to and if you've been thinking about incorporating sushi into your diet I really think this is something that is going to pay off in spades.

Especially if you like to incorporate healthy and nutritious foods into your diet this is something that is going to be a great compliment to that type of lifestyle and of course if there's anything else that you might have questions about or perhaps are just curious about then this is something that I really think you're going to find a lot of use out of.

The Nutrition Behind Your Favorite Sushi Rolls

Here's what has to say about some of the ingredients in your favorite sushi rolls:

Before we dive into sushi nutrition, let’s explore the different types of sushi, and the names for its different parts.

Nori: Black seaweed wrappers used to make most forms of wrapped sushi rolls.
Makizushi: Also called maki sushi. Wrapped, cylindrical sushi rolls with the nori on the outside. Can be thick or thin, large or small depending on its contents.
Uramaki: An “inside-out” roll where the rice is on the outside, and the nori is on the inside. The rice coating is sometimes coated with toasted sesame seeds or roe. A California Roll is a kind of uramaki roll.
Nigirizushi: Meaning “hand-pressed sushi,” it is also referred to as nigiri sushi. Nigiri is made with a clump of rice and a slice of usually raw fish pressed on top. Sometimes a thin strip of nori is used as a binding.
Neta: Nigiri toppings or sushi roll fillings.
Temaki: Meaning “hand roll,” temaki sushi consist of large, cone-shaped nori, with the sushi contents (neta) contained inside. As you can see there are a lot of interesting and exotic flavors out there when it comes to sushi and how it's eaten. I really think this is something that you're going to find a lot of fun and use out of and of course if you're looking to go outside and maybe spend a little time with the friends on the town then this is something that is sure to excite everyone. I think this is really something that people need to know more about as this is primarily the main food course for people out in Japan and these guys have lived to be over a hundred years old in many cases and I think that sushi is definitely a big reason why.

I think the coolest thing about sush is the fact that there are so many different flavors and ways of eating this stuff that it's really a wonder more people aren't out there doing this stuff and I really think if you take the time to get to know your sushi and you get to know the different ingredients in your typical sushi roll you're really going to start seeing some great things in your life and in your diet...

Why It's Good

There are many reasons why sushi is good for you this is just one of those things that you've got to go out and try for yourself. You won't know until you try so make sure to really go out and experiment with some of the different flavors and sushi roll styles out there as this is definitely going to be one of the more rewarding things you do.

I think a reason this is so good for you as well is because all the ingredients are natural and organic and this is so much different than the traditional food that you see out there in Western society this is definitely something that is going to play a much bigger role in your life if you let it.

Protein is a big part of your life if you've spent any amount of time on nutrition and this is probably one of your biggest energy sources next to carbs. If you've done any mount of research on these types of things then you'll notice this is really something that I think will help you a lot.

Make sure also that you're going through and really testing out some of the different sushi flavors out there as this is going to be really important to making sure that your getting quality ingredients from the right source. This is important for a number of reasons and is something that is probably going to make a big different in the way that you eat your food.


In conclusion I'd like to state that I really think this is something that is going to be great in your diet. You've got so many fresh and savory ingredients in these things that it's really important to make sure that you're making this a regular part of your life.

Of course if there's anything that you're not fully understanding about this or maybe you've just got a few additional questions about sushi and the different ingredients that go into it please don't hesitate to leave any feedback or comments below. This is going to do some great things for your life and I really think this is something that you're going to find a ton of use out of and of course if there's anything that you're not fully understanding please feel free to leave anything below and I'd be more than happy to help you out...until next time.

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